Steam Iron

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Cordless & Corded steam iron Anti calc, Anti drip Dry / spray / steam / burst steam / vertical steam / self-clean function Ceramic coating Soleplate 360ml water tank capacity Easy temperature settings Power 2000-2400W 2 years warranty   
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5 Bars
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Rs 1,690.00 Rs 1,590.00
Steam Iron Blue 2400W Warranty : 2 Years 30G/Min 130G/Min Sole Plate Durilium Airglide
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Rs 2,990.00 Rs 2,690.00
Steam Iron Turquoise 2500W Anti Drip Steam Flow 45G Min Anti Lime Scale
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Rs 4,090.00 Rs 3,690.00
Steam Iron Turquaoise 2400W Anti Drip Continuous Steam 45G/M Pressing 190G/Msole Plate Durilium Airglide
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Rs 3,490.00 Rs 3,190.00
Steam Iron Blue 2700W Continuous Steam Flow 50G/Min Pressing 240G/Min
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Rs 3,990.00 Rs 3,590.00
Steam Iron 2800W Anti Drip Steam Flow 50G/Min High Performance Lime Scale
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Rs 4,590.00 Rs 4,090.00
Steam Iron Black/Blue 2800W Anti Drip Steam Flow 55G/Min
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Rs 1,990.00 Rs 1,790.00
Steam Iron Burgundy 2300W Anti Drip Steam Flow 35G Min Anti Lime Scale Flushing
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Rs 2,334.00 Rs 2,090.00
Steam Iron Easygliss Plus
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Rs 4,390.00 Rs 3,990.00
2800W Rouge
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Rs 1,490.00 Rs 1,390.00
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