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Posture Support Fully Adjustable for a custom fit Outer layer:100% Polyester Middle layer:100% Neoprene Helps with slouching,hunching over,text neck DT5507
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Product Type: Blood Pressure Monitor Fully Automatic Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurement on the Wrist Saved Measurement Values Morning and Evening Blood Pressure for the Last 7 Days Date and Time Automatic Switch-Off Low Battery Indicator.2 X60 Memory Spaces Wrist Circumference from 13.5 to...
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Product Type: Blood Pressure Monitor Large LCD display Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse Measurement on the upper arm Morning and evening blood pressure for the last 7 days Date and time Automatic switch-off Low battery indicator 2x60 memory spaces For upper arm circumferences from 22 cm...
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Quick and gentle blood pressure measurement even during inflation thanks to the inflation technology. The integrated Bluetooth® low energy technology and the white backlit XL display make it a convenient blood pressure monitor for use at home. Bluetooth® for transfer of measurements to your...
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Optimum blood pressure monitoring using the app and software - keep an eye on your values at any time and anywhere. The upper arm blood pressure monitor stands out due to its particularly appealing design and a host of clever technical features. Touch sensor buttons, the large white illuminated...
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Simple and easy to use – that is what makes our wrist blood pressure monitors stand out. These handy devices prove themselves to be particularly reliable companions on the move, meaning you can monitor your blood pressure regularly. Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the...
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Highlights Technical details Downloads Accessories One for all - the blood pressure monitor has a universal cuff that is also suitable for larger upper arm circumferences up to 42 cm. The integrated cuff position control gives you additional certainty about the accuracy of the measured blood...
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The upper arm blood pressure monitor sets itself apart with its particularly easy operation and its blue illuminated XL display and the illuminated START/STOP button. Easy to use Easy-to-read, blue illuminated XL display Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm...
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With the multi-functional BM 96 device, you can keep track of your heart health. In addition to the fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm, your heart rhythm is also recorded. The “beurer HealthManager Pro” app is the optimal way to monitor your values. 1-channel...
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You can determine the oxygen saturation in your blood with the pulse oximeter. This may be necessary during sport at high altitudes or if you have health problems. Your pulse is also shown graphically on the colour display. Measurement of SpO2 as a potential vital sign in acute illnesses For...
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The PO 45 pulse oximeter is the ideal accessory for sport activities at altitude. Whether you’re a mountaineer, skier or amateur pilot, this handy little device gives an overview of your oxygen saturation at all times. Determines arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate (pulse rate) and...
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Mechanical Bathroom Scale
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